A circus performance as a launchpad

By Alexia

19th July 2018

Have a look at the beginnings of Audio Crumbs, inspired by a new kind of circus delivered through headphones.

Three Hivers at thecamp

In order to start this blog about Audio Crumbs the best possible way, I think it is important to go back to the beginning of the project. It was already more than two months ago, and it happened within the international residency of thecamp. This 6-month international program is called the Hive.

The Hive welcomes 20 people from all around the world to build innovative projects together. It is all about collaboration, collective intelligence and creative ideas. We all have very different backgrounds, which made the first weeks of work together very interesting. We most of all discovered everyone’s passions, interests and skills during the first month. For example, I animated an ideation workshop using gamification and design thinking methods for the Hivers. Emilie showed us how she can make feel deep emotions with video games. And Tomas made us participate to his circus.

An inspiring moment of circus

Be careful: “his” circus, not circus. I am not talking about shows with wild animals, risky performances, fire and popcorn. I am talking about an experience that brings the participants to the roots of circus. The kind of performance where you feel like you embody the artists. Actually, you become an artist yourself, for a short moment.

He gathered us in the amphitheater one evening just before dinner. He came with a set of headphones and mp3 players, and a huge smile on his face. The prototype he was about to show us was the conclusion of years of studies, tests and recordings. We equiped ourselves with headphones, connected to a mp3 player. They had specific numbers written on them. Strange but why not.

So we had to start at the exact same time and let the voice we were about to listen guide us. Very enjoyable voice, the one you can trust, the one that would make you move mountains if it was asked. It was exactly what was about to happen: after walking for a bit, we sitted. All of us but one. We were amused and curious at the same time: what is happening?

And then we understood the mechanics: one person had to do something, then had to sit down as someone else was rising to be the main protagonist. There was a true climax, as two people were standing in front of each other, very close… And then this happened:

eric slapped

Unexpected and brilliant. In a few minutes, Tomas managed to make us push our limits and have interesting interactions. We barely knew each other at that time so it was a perfect way to start knowing everyone. That circus performance was very inspiring.

The birth of Audio Crumbs

After that, we started combining the different interests of the team. I personally had the idea of working with patrimonial structures and create experiences there. Emilie wanted to create non-talked connection between people. Tomas was all about bringing his prototype to a next step. We had the starting elements of what was about to become Audio Crumbs.

From then, we worked on the characteristics of our project. It would be an experience delivered through headphones. It would be frugal in terms of technological assets. The recordings would be about the people. The place where it would happen would be a pretext to create meaningful interactions. We would do the first one at thecamp for the guests coming here. Most importantly, it wouldn’t be a regular audio tour.

So thank you Tomas for letting us build an entire project using your expertise and your equipment.