Proof of concept

By Alexia

30th June

At the end of the Hive, the goal is to have a functional prototype accompanied by a business plan. Today it is my great pleasure to finally tell you about the project that I’ve started working on; Audio Crumbs*!

* Audio Crumbs refers to a path of bread crumbs, as used by Hanzel & Gretel to find their way around. We do the same, but with audio recordings that guide you on various adventures

The audio medium to create interactions

The first audio guide for museums was invented back in 1952, and it was a resounding success. Yet, there has not been great innovation in this area since. In fact, we usually just focus on what surrounds us by passively consuming the content we are told. So, we decided to take an interest in these media and bring in our personal touch. In addition, a study shows that Americans listen to more than 26 hours of audio content per week, whether audio books, music or podcasts. We are used to having all these extra voices in our heads. It is also connects nicely with the previous research Tomas has done in this field. While at university he was attempting to create a new form of contemporary circus. He was able to create the way one feels while watching a circus performance, but through the use of audio alone.

We want to take advantage of this opportunity and use these voices to allow the participants in our experiments to experience something together, to interact together. Not just at the museum either, it could be in any place where people get to meet. Our first case study will be at thecamp, as that’s where we’re based this summer. It’s a very unique venue welcoming many visitors, which will facilitate the process of creating the prototypes and the many tests we’ll need to conduct.

Audio Crumbs – not your regular audio tour

Tuesday 26 June was an important day at the Hive as we had the presentation of our POC (Proof of Concept). The preparation of this 10-minute presentation allowed us to clarify our intentions and make figure out how to progress the project. We are still trying to define our own identity, what we want to convey through our experiences.

What we are not

Audio guide in museum

An audio guide

Our experiences will focus on the participants, their interactions, not what surrounds them. Each person will listen to different instructions and the listeners will most likely end up going down different paths.

improv everywhere

Flash mobs

We do not want to make an experience that is only for entertainment. We hope that the participants will come out of this adventure, which will be coherent from beginning to end and actually learn something, maybe even the beginning of a new habit.

teambuilding app

A team-building app

We want to keep it simple and free our participants from the weight of unnecessary interactions that they’d otherwise have on their mobile phones. In other words, we want them to be in the moment, without being disturbed by any calls or notifications.

A technopush app

We want to remain frugal and set the participants free from their smartphones. In other terms, we want them to live the moment without being disturbed by calls or notifications.

What we aim to become

Définition Audio Crumbs

Audio Crumbs creates meaningful interactions between people through the use of audio. Groups of people listen to these recordings together and follow the instructions given to them. These instructions allow them to experience various situations. These adventures tend to have an impact on the behavior and habits of these participants, even once the recordings are over.

Our first “product” is the experience we create for thecamp. It’s going to be used as an introduction to thecamp for the executives attending the Pass workshops. The experience is a succession of walks and “scenes” at various locations, as depicted on the map below. For example, participants could be guided for a blind walk. Organized in pairs, the guide would be responsible for his partner, whose eyes would be blindfolded. This exercise allows you to get to know each other, to work on the notion of trust etc.

A project in progress

Until now, we got very positive feedback about our demarche and biases. But we are still trying to determine our objectives and the possible impacts the experience could have on our audience. Our project needs to mature a bit, to find its value so it doesn’t become an other project in one of the previous lists. As we conceive it now, it is an hybrid project, artistique but that needs to make sense in its globality, which means before, during and after the recordings are over.

We progress at a good rhythm, we started to write scenarios that we need to record next week. We are starting a long test phase during all summer, so we can find the conductive thread between all the scenes but also the interest that each crumb will have to the story.